How to Get the Most Out of Your Board Meeting Process

Board meetings can take a lot of duration, and will require you spend most of time watching reports or discussing them. Based on how you organize your board meetings, there’s usually little time to actually make decisions.

To get the most value from your board meetings requires structure and discipline. This includes preparing an agenda, setting up a meeting space and distributing all relevant materials prior the meeting. This allows your board members to prepare for the meeting, research opinions and ask questions. Then when the board discussion begins, they show up with a solid level of knowing and confidence that they are contributing to the final outcome.

The officer will greet participants with a message of welcome. The chair addresses old as well as new matters, in order. Old business includes items that the board previously discussed and ratified or decided against. New business is anything the board hasn’t yet discussed and is currently examining for approval. Other business includes unscheduled items like appointing committees or making director appointments.

After the discussion has concluded, the chairman puts all motions to an election. This could include changing the articles of incorporation, approving certain transactions, and ratifying decisions made by directors. This involves deciding on strategy, and approval of action plans. To assist your board of directors determine their strategy, it’s beneficial to establish KPI goals that can be easily quantifiable and are aligned with the corporate goal. These KPIs will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of any strategy that your board is considering.

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