How to Prepare for a Meeting

It is true that planning and preparation are essential for successful meetings. The more time that you devote to organizing your meeting, the more efficient it is.

Whether it’s a brainstorming session or an update on a project, or even a call with a client, there are certain actions that each participant in a meeting must follow to prepare for the gathering. This article will offer some basic tips to make sure that you are attending a meeting that is productive and efficient.

Begin by determining the purpose of the meeting. Decide on the subjects that must be discussed and assign times for each. This will help you stay on the right track and avoid tangents which can disrupt the conversation. This will also help you determine the length of your meeting.

Next, collect any materials that will be shared during the meeting. These could be presentations slides, reports or any other documents that will contribute to the discussion. Last step: Ensure that the documents are accessible to attendees. You can include them in the meeting invitation or share them on your internal communications channel.

Examine the list of attendees and consider if everyone that has been invited to the event will have a role to play in the discussion. If not, remove any person who has an inordinate amount of knowledge or authority to make decisions. Also, think about assigning a person directly responsible for each action item.

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