How you can Have Sex in your Period

Having sex on your own period does not have to be unpleasant, risky, or perhaps painful. Is considered actually safe, pleasurable and fun should you know how to do it right!

During your period, you’re in all probability dealing with a complete host of hormonal variances, cramps, bloating, hot or chilly flashes and even more. But while your body is removing a huge amount of tissue, is also open to more sexual activity than ever before.

It’s a disgrace that many females avoid sex the moment they’re on the periods, especially if they feel like they haven’t had any sexual pleasure for a while. Yet sex in your period is definitely totally fine so long as you and your partner are both inside the mood to acquire it.

How to Have sexual intercourse on Your Period: 1 . Be Prepared

Whether you’re having oral or penetrative sex, definitely alert your partner to the fact that you happen to be on your period. That way, they will decide if they want to proceed with oral sex or perhaps insert a tampon, stated OB/GYN Jessica Shepherd, MD, whom writes a monthly newsletter named “Sex With Emily”.

2 . Use A Dental Dam

If you’re doing an oral sex session, a dental atteinte is a tiny plastic square that your partner holds among their tongue and your male organs. This will reduce the risk of contracting STIs and coming into contact with period blood, stated Fernando Mariz, MD, a great OB/GYN at Manhattan The female Health and Wellness.

3. Use Menstrual Cds

A monthly disc is a versatile tampon-like unit that sits bigger up into your vagina, nearer to the vaginal fornix. It’s a more secure alternative to tampons and does not leave bloody spots on your mattress sheets.

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