Marriage Abroad: International Marriage for US Citizens

Upon receiving the receipt notice, the U.S. citizen must file Form I-129F to request the K-3 visa. It may not seem logical, but you have to be very careful about travel if you marry an American or green card holder. If you have already been married for two years when you are interviewed for your initial green card, that card will be permanent. The alien enters the U.S. either to join the USC spouse or to marry the USC fiancé/fiancée. You need to discuss your specific situation with an experienced immigration attorney. Much of that information addresses adjustment of status for a spouse who is already in the U.S. and wishes to stay here and do the paperwork here. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services can help guide you through the process of bringing your spouse to the United States.

  • Those who enter the UK on a Marriage Visitor visa have to get married within 6 months after their arrival.
  • Duke cannot advise you on personal immigration issues like marriage.
  • Passportbe presented; birth certificates, divorce decrees, and death certificates are also frequently required.
  • The marriage certificate should clearly show where and when the marriage happened.

Generally, a marriage that occurred in a foreign country will be considered valid in the United States if it is legal in the country where the wedding occurred. The marriage certificate should clearly show where and when the marriage happened. However, if the marriage directly conflicts the U.S. laws, it may not be recognized as valid. Marrying an immigrant doesn’t automatically give them U.S. citizenship. Whether you have legal immigration status doesn’t guarantee citizenship to your partner.

But they may be granted U.S. citizenship if they follow the legal processes. The immigrant might be refused entry if they are inadmissible. This could be due to criminal history, immigration violation records, marriage fraud, and underlying medical problems. This occurs when a foreigner pays a permanent resident or a U.S. citizen to marry them. Citizen doesn’t follow the legal process, the marriage is fraudulent, and the foreigner is not eligible for a green card.

FAQs about Marrying a Non-US Citizen

Citizenship and Immigration Services , and will require a biometrics appointment and in-person interview. Importantly, if you are a green card holder (not a U.S. citizen), your spouse seeking a green card must be able to maintain a valid immigration status in the United States while they wait. If you are a U.S. citizen, however, and your spouse entered legally on a visa but fell out of status, they can have it forgiven during the adjustment of status process. Persons married to US citizens are considered “immediate relatives” in the immigration process and can apply immediately for LPR status. The USC spouse may file an immigrant petition (Form I-130) for the alien spouse immediately after the marriage. Alternately, the alien spouse abroad may apply for an immigrant visa to travel to the U.S. as soon as the I-130 is approved.

You must be old enough to marry in the jurisdiction where you plan to be married. For example, in NC, anyone under 18 years old must have special permission to marry. If either of you is under the age of 21, check the rules for the state in which you plan to marry. If your country or culture practices infant or child marriage, and you are a party to such a marriage, you need to assess whether that marriage is recognized in the U.S. You must be sure that both of you are legally free to marry. Zipporah Sandler AKA Zippy is a lifestyle and travel specialist who after living everywhere from Providence to Paris found herself suddenly residing in South Florida (something she swore she’d never do). If the U.S. citizen does not have enough income to support the immigrant, then a household member may be able to promise support.

If you’re in the United States but your future spouse isn’t

Children of the bride/groom who meet the established criteria receive a K2 visa. After you marry your spouse, you want to ensure they can legally stay in the country.

Not sure if you qualify for a marriage-based green card?

Maybe you can conclude that you can start this process independently, but going there without the attorney you might risk it will take lots of time or even end up as a failure. In addition, you must marry within 90 days of entering the United States, or your spouse will need to leave the country. Attend a green card interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate. Here, we will go through specifics such as the current place of living, so before continuing to read this article, you may want to check your eligibility and learn more about a marriage-based green card. Nelly is our experienced writer who clearly understands how international dating works. She has been using international dating apps for more than 3 years, and she has dating profiles on all the most popular services that exist in 2023. Nelly understands how to analyze information, how to test the websites, and how to find out what an average user of a dating website wants.

Depending on how involved the citizen was, they will face both fines or jail time or both. If they willingly entered the marriage for cash or incentives, they’re likely to face severe charges. If citizenship has been granted by the time the fraud surfaces, then authorities will look at whether it should be revoked. If discovered, both the U.S. citizen and immigrant will face prosecution. A U.S. citizen is either paid or charges money to marry someone from outside the country and get him/her a green card. Wherever you decide to live, make sure you have realistic job prospects. Having financial dependence on your spouse as well as nothing to occupy your time can really put a strain on a new marriage.

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