Preparing For Your Board Meeting

The preparation for your board meeting is a daunting task particularly if it’s the first time you have attended a board meeting or if you lack experience. Being prepared for your board meeting can help ensure that you get important insights and guidance from experienced leaders and strategic advice. The first step is making sure that the board members are all familiar with the agenda and have read relevant documents.

The next step is to determine the goals of the meeting, which will help shape the discussion and decision-making process of your board. It’s also a good idea to review the minutes from your last meeting, since they will reflect the changes you made, and provide an insight into what needs to be discussed during the meeting.

Finally, be deliberate when the selection of your agenda items. Your board will be able to conduct the meeting more efficiently if they prioritize the most important issues first. This will also help avoid the meeting from becoming stalled with the less important items. Also, every item on the agenda must be clearly stated to allow for information or to search for information instead of just to make a final decision.

Finally, be sure to send your board agenda out far enough in advance to allow everyone ample time to read and review it. This is particularly crucial for physical or virtual meetings that require quorum participation. Additionally, be certain to communicate with the members of the executive team who are accountable for submitting reports and ensure they will have the necessary documents.

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