Rio de Janeiro: Women’s Rectangle Eyeglasses in Black

Trust me, it is not easy to be a female in there, especially the blond one with blue eyes. Men are staring in the bus and in the street all the time, not as much interested in talking to me as in my body. I’ve been grabbed in public in the Dominican Republic and offered ‘sucky sucky’ and ‘fucky fucky’.

  • The action you just performed triggered the security solution.
  • I have been in Rio many times and I never saw something bad happening, I just see that in TV’s to be honest, but you should be careful and be aware that it has its risk!
  • Just spent 5 weeks in Brazil, including about 10 days in Rio.
  • Yet there are normal girls in the clubs as well.

The Metrô in Rio has women-only cars — painted pastel pink — for the exclusive use of women travelers during rush hours. This site is a free online resource that provides helpful content and comparisons of different dating websites to its visitors. Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from companies that appear on this site.

Portugal is a beautiful and interesting country, very easy to travel but the Portuguese are in general – there are always exceptions – unpleasant. They communicate depression as their Fado music and are not kind nor friendly. Countries are like people, different, with their good and bad, and that is what makes the world an interesting place.

I had to suffer for one who was my boss at a company. There are some nice ones but most have a negative arrogant attitude. Like I’ve said before, maybe we were just unlucky with the circumstances. If you see one brazilian smiling he is prolly making fun of someone or even YOU. Your English is fine Carlos, but if you feel more comfortable in Spanish feel free to comment. SE Asia for example is comparatively incredibly safe despite poverty and poor education. I have to disagree with my fellow Portuguese travelers Zara, from the previous comment.

The mix of photogenic accuracy with abstract shapes and vibrant colors is striking and the area is safe to take plenty of photos. TheInstitute of the Memorial of the New Blacksoften slips under the culture radar – but shouldn’t. It provides a well-documented history of slavery in Rio de Janeiro and is one of the few places that actively preserves the city’s Afro-heritage. It is also the resting place of thousands of enslaved Africans who didn’t survive the trip from Africa to Rio and whose bodies were left buried in the port, providing a humbling, eye-opening visit. Another essential attraction isChrist the Redeemer, a landmark familiar the world over. To get to the top, ride the van or take the trail that winds through the forest on Corcovado – it is often accompanied by a live samba band for the ultimate local experience.

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I was embarrassed to admit this because everyone and their mama apparently had been to Rio but my family never had interest in vacationing in Rio. It was always said to be violent, ghetto, dirty, and honestly all around horrible so we never made to Rio. Well, I’ve been here for 3 days and can confirm what my family said is true .

Museu de Arte do Rio

You’re only truly safe in hotels or gated communities. However a gang of women surrounded my then partner and was talking to him asking him to buy certain items while another rooted in his back pocket until I turned around. So please keep your items out of reach and not in back pockets or even front ones, it really is down to common sense.

For 30 years I have lived in about 100 countries. I travel all year long and I am always interested in trying to learn the core of the cultures I visit and its nature. Curiosity and the beauty of our planet is what keeps me motivated to travel it.

Now I understand why few people visit this gigantic country. It has been a very interesting learning experience though. I hope you have had the oportunity to know some of nice brazilians, because there are so many of us. By now, you see what it takes to meet and start dating Brazilian women. That’s not a hard thing to realize with the right approach in mind, so feel free to use mine to find your foreign girlfriend.

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