The Benefits of Cloud Computing

The cloud is a collection of tools and technologies that allow businesses and individuals to store and retrieve data through the internet. Companies that host and manage the infrastructure that allows cloud computing are called Cloud Service Providers. Examples include email service like Gmail and Outlook as well as online movie and music streaming and backup storage on iPhones.

Cloud computing can also be used to allow remote work. Through cloud-based tools, employees can access files and other software they wouldn’t be able to use on their home computers. This is especially useful in the event of an outbreak in which workers are forced to stay at home and still be productive.

Cloud technology allows users to save space by storing applications in the cloud, instead of locally. This can have many advantages as well as making it simpler to update software quickly, because software companies are able to release new versions of their programs regularly over the internet.

Cloud computing can help small businesses compete against multinational companies. This is because the cloud shifts the barriers to accessing global markets to skills rather than size, meaning skilled, innovative small companies can take on their established competitors.

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