Top 5 Data Rooms Providers

When it comes to due diligence and post-deal integration, data rooms provide the ideal platform for companies of all sizes. From multinational corporations to growing startups the virtual data room allows all parties to collaborate securely and safely from any location on any device.

Intralinks is one of the most trusted providers of virtual data rooms on the market today, helps streamline transactions through its secure cloud-based platform. It allows companies to save and share documents for transactions, speeding up M&A diligence. It offers features that allow a company customize the look and feeling of the VDR. For instance watermarks that can be customized appear when documents are printed, downloaded, or viewed. The platform is compatible with various operating systems and devices.

iDeals is another high-end virtual data room provider that boasts a wide range of features, including redaction and fence view, which blacks out parts of files to ensure personally-identifiable information stays private. It also offers the ability to track user actions in documents, including downloads and edits, as well as includes an audit trail that can assist with regulatory compliance.

CapLinked is a data room software solution that is mostly used for M&A but it can also be utilized in real estate and asset sales transactions. Its secure, cloud-based platform allows for the transfer of data across multiple geographic locations and features advanced search functions. It includes a variety of features to facilitate collaboration and communication such as live chats and security presentations.

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