What Is a VDR Provider?

VDR Provider is a secure platform for sharing files and accelerate deals. Its features include a simple and intuitive configuration that is accessible to CFOs and https://isvdr.com entry-level accounting staff, deployment options on any device, single sign-on and function prioritization based on your workflow.

A VDR gives granular permissions to users and files, as well as intelligent access control for domains and email addresses. This minimizes the risk of data leakage. They also allow the addition of watermarks to sensitive documents and restrict printing which makes it harder for hackers to steal data. They can also guard against server failure by automatically failing over to a secondary server. This keeps the process running even if one server fails.

Certain VDR providers also offer additional features, such as a searchable index and an activity monitor. They also provide advanced security features such as the 256-bit bank-level encryption that makes it impossible for unauthorised users to access data. They also track every single activity within the VDR including who downloaded or viewed which files, so that you have an audit trail of data access.

Other VDR companies specialize in specific industries or types of deals. For instance certain VDRs have a particular focus on M&A, while others are focused on collaboration with scientists. Some even have specialized tools to support legal litigation or are suitable for the archiving of large amounts of documentation. The choice of VDR provider depends on the amount and complexity of the project or transaction to be handled.

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